Vincent François-Lavet

Assistant Prof in machine learning at the VU Amsterdam

About me

Since 2020, I am an assistant professor at the VU Amsterdam. Previously, I did a post-doc at McGill University/Mila, where I was working with Joelle Pineau and Doina Precup as well as a short research stay at the University of Louvain. I obtained a PhD in machine learning at the University of Liege with Raphael Fonteneau and Damien Ernst in 2017.

More information on my professional experience is available on my Linkedin profile.

Information on my research and my teaching activities are provided below.

My field of research is focused on deep learning and reinforcement learning. One main goal is to create agents that can learn how to perform sequential decision-making tasks from limited data. My research focuses in particular on the role of representation learning and how it is possible to integrate model-based and model-free learning.

The full list of my publications can be found here.

I'm currently teaching "Projects on Reinforcement Learning" as well as co-teaching "Dynamic Programming and Reinforcement Learning" and "AI and health" at the VU Amsterdam.

In 2022, I organized the RL summer school in Amsterdam.

In the past, I've taught for different courses:


  • NeuriPS (2018-)
  • ICLR (2018-)
  • ICML
  • UAI
  • ECML


  • Journal of Machine Learning Research
  • Transactions on Machine Learning Research
  • IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems